What Causes Sour Tongue and How to Prevent it

open mouth with a wrench in itEver woke up to a metallic taste that survives your morning coffee session and power washing of your mouth? If you have once or twice, then perhaps it’s nothing serious unless of course it’s every day, in which case you should be concerned. There could be some underlying problems with your health that could be presenting as a metallic taste in your mouth and a sour tongue. The best way to find out the specific cause and how to avoid this issue is proper diagnosis and treatment. However, there are number of conditions that can be to blame. We give you the usual useful tips on how to steer clear of this mild condition that could have serious implications for your overall health.

What causes sour tongue?

First we will look into the definition of the condition itself before we see some of the potential causes of sour tongue. The altered ability to taste false tastes that are not there in the mouth is called dysgeuisa. As a matter of fact, it affects the entire tongue or any particular section of the tongue and not just certain parts. Recent studies show that the idea of partitioning the tongue according to tastes, that it can prominently taste is not accurate.

For some people, it’s a sour taste, while for others it’s a metallic taste or even a bitter taste. Because it is a disorder and dysfunction of the sense of taste, it is not possible to predict accurately what the taste will be like and the intensity for each and every patient. It is in a way similar to what some epilepsy patients report to have experienced before most epileptic attacks.

Hormonal changes and sour tongue

Pregnant women are sometimes the most likely to experience sour tongue sensation owing to the fact that pregnancy does come with its share of hormonal shifts. The times when this is possible in the course of pregnancy could be early on in the first trimester or even throughout the pregnancy, depending on the woman involved. Hormonal changes during menstruation will also cause the same sensation depending again on a number of other variables some of which are still undefined.


Other than hormonal changes, pregnant women also experience acid reflux and vomiting which can also cause the acidity of the stomach to spill to the mouth and cause sour tongue. Stomach acids are not welcome in the mouth as they can cause severe damage to teeth especially if you react by brushing immediately after vomiting. Altered states are a typical experience for first time and second time mothers, and all these are conditions you just need to learn how to control in order to avoid the detrimental effects on your oral health.

Effects of chemo

It is a common side effect of chemo regimen to experience false taste and nausea. This causes a problem for recovering chemo patients especially accompanied by lack of appetite. The drugs administered for the treatment of cancer to accompany the chemo sessions also are a major cause of altered tastes including sour tastes. For some of these causes, you should just understand that these are the effects of drug and bear with the situation.

Other less common but serious causes of the same condition are dementia and other neurological disorders and exposure to harmful chemicals such as lead. Lead is actually radioactive and its effects are similar to the effects of working in an environment with radioactive isotopes.

girl sticking out tongueSour tongue due to poor oral hygiene

Sometimes, a sour tongue is only a function of inadequate cleaning of the mouth and tongue. The tongue is one conducive breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth and is responsible for causing bad breath when you fail to brush regularly. Bad breath also accompanies sour tongue taste for cases when it is caused by general poor oral hygiene.

How to avoid sour tongue

Again, ours is only a speculation of some of the most common causes of bad breath and not substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a certified dentist near you.  Just the same, we have a few ways you can prevent sour taste regardless of the causes. Our disclaimer is the same as always, that this article is only for knowledge of the issues affecting health and not precise medical advice you should consider to substitute your doctor’s advice and diagnosis. So if you are dealing with.

Generally, our tongue results from higher levels of pH in the mouth other than visiting best dentist in Las Vegas to run some tests and be sure why you are experiencing this, you can take some water to rinse off the acidity. This pH is caused by action of bacteria in the mouth on the food that you eat and therefore to some extent, the food you take also influences the likelihood of having this condition.

Taking your daily cleanings a notch higher with sufficient time and proper brushing techniques using a new toothbrush and fresh cleaning products should help provide relief. If your cleaning is up to par then perhaps an occasional rinse with a special solution will do the trick.

For those suffering from GERD or some other disease that is causing acid reflux, it is prudent to get a proper diagnosis with your doctor and prevent this frustrating symptom once and for all.

In the meantime, home remedies include using chewing gum with a breath freshener, and using a solution of baking soda in water. Further, stay away from foods that add acidity to your meals such as tomatoes, citrus fruits and caffeine.

In summary, you will find that it is what you do on a daily basis that adds up to the state of your oral health and full body health for that matter. Brush and floss daily between your teeth for a health mouth, fresh breath and strong healthy teeth. It is important to visit Willow Springs Dental regularly for checkup and work on a diet plan that allows for sufficient cleanings in between and cuts down on sugary foods. Last but perhaps most significant for affected persons, do not chew tobacco or smoke.